Tax information

Who can and how to order Value Added Tax free?

All prices include German Value Added Tax (VAT). Customers from a non-European-Union-country and commercial dealers from a country of the European union (except Germany) can order VAT-free. Additionally a valid VAT Identification number has to be send before or during the order process by commercial dealers. If you are among one of the both groups above you can order VAT-free.

After putting your delivery country outside the European Union into the order process form the VAT will be removed from the article prices in your shopping cart. 

How much can be saved when ordering VAT free?

All prices in the shop include German Value Added Tax (VAT). If you are among one of the both groups (see above) who can order VAT free you can save the VAT amount.
The net price excluding VAT is calculated by dividing the article price through 1+(actual German VAT rate x 0,01)).


Please keep in mind that there may be import taxes or customs in your country if you are located outside the European Union.