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Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

Gemstone And Mineral Store
Timo Klopp
Grüner Weg 9
24582 Brügge
§ 1 Inclusion Agreement
For all deliveries and services on from Timo Klopp, called „supplier“ in the following, the owner and operator of and owner and operator of the eBay-shop Online-Edelstein apply the following conditions.

§ 2 Right of return
You may return all goods - you need not to name any reasons - during one month by returning them. The earliest begin for the period of one month is one day after you have received the goods and this instruction. To keep inside this time limit, it is enough to send off the goods or to send off your wish to return in time. In any case the return-shipment is on my costs and danger. Please send your return shipment to:
Timo Klopp
Grüner Weg 9
24582 Brügge
Return consequences
In case of an effective return both sides will return the received achievements. When the goods are degradatet (e.g. demolished) in any way a replacement fee can be charged. This fee does not apply when the degradation of the goods is caused by their proving/examination only – like you were able to prove/examinate in a local store. You can easily avoid the replacement fee by not using the goods like an owner and avoid anything which could be harmful for the worth of the goods.

§ 3 Shipping costs
1) Shipping costs are paid by the customer, the shipping costs depend on the total goods value. You can combine as many articles as you like in one shipment within a period of 14 days.

Shipping costs per shipment: Germany, EU (incl. Switzerland & Norway), USA & Canada:
Under 40 € total value: 3,70 €
40 € - 150 € total value: 5,00 €
Above 150 € total value: free shipping

2) For deliveries outside the European Union resulting taxes / tariffs are taken over by the customer. In the case of an effective return taxes and tariffs are not refunded by the supplier.

§ 4 Payment
The payment for the goods you ordered on can be made as bank transfer(moneyorder) / prepaid, by Paypal or on invoice.

Payment on invoice (Payment goal: 14 days) is offered for regular customers only.

You will receive an invoice/bill for the ordered goods which comes along the goods in written form.

Payment by cheques is not possible, payment by sending cash in an insured letter is possible on request only. The supplier can not be held responsible when such a letter is lost or the cash is stolen during transport.

§ 5 Prices
All prices include 19% VAT (value added tax) which is allocated on all invoices.

§ 6 Data security
The data necessary for the order process is stored electronically and processed business-internally. Your data is kept and treated confidentially, according to the respective German legislation. Customers can delete their data at any time - in this case please send a notice to:
Person related data of the customers is used only to fulfill the contract with the customer.

§ 7 Copyright
The content of the pages of "" of the supplier and contents of so-called "descriptions of articles" in the "auctions" and "buy it now offers", offered on eBay under the suppliers name "online-edelstein" as well as the pictures contained in it enjoy a copyright protection in accordance with the copyright law. Publication, duplication, spreading as well as imitation are permitted only with written permission of the supplier.

§ 8 Links and references
At direct and indirect references to other sites (links) which are outside the suppliers authority, the supplier can only be held responsible in the case that he knows of any illegal contents and it is technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent the usage of illegal contents.
The supplier hereby explains that no illegal contents on the linked sides could be recognized at the time of the link setting. The supplier has no influence on the current or future content of the linked sites. Therefor the supplier distances from all contents of linked sites which were changed after link setting. Only the owner/operator of the side, to which one referred, is resonsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and for damage which results from the usage or not-usage of such information – not the one who just refers to such publications by links.
§ 9 Area of jurisdiction
If the orderer is a commercial buyer, a legal entity of the public right or a public estate, the court of the head office of the supplier is responsible for disputes from the contract.

§ 10 Final clause
If individual regulations of these terms and conditions should be ineffective or become ineffective in the future, then thereby the validity of the remaining regulations is not affected. The ineffective regulations have to be replaced by such regulations, which come next to the economic goal.

Timo Klopp
Edelstein- und Mineralienversandhandel Grüner Weg 9 D-24582 Brügge